Cornwall Route Blog

This is a blog of the porgress of the route so far.

Route Update 15
Wow, it has been months since the last update.

The mainline now goes through the suburban stations of St Budeaux Ferry Road, Keyham, Dockyard and Devonport. It also goes through Plymouth station and as far east as Mutley Tunnel, and will eventually pass Liara TMD and go to The A38 fly over.

Work has also began on the Gunnislake branch, and so far passes the MOD depot at Ernesettle, over the tidal inlet of Tamerton lake and across the Tavy Viaduct. The next part to do will be from the Tavy Viaduct to Bere Ferrers station.

Custom content for the branch will include buildings at Bere Ferrers, Bere Alston (including the old disused waiting room and signal box on the now disused platform), and the small glass shelter at Gunnislake.


Thu 13 Jan 11

Route Update 14
Alot of progress has happened since the last update.

The mainline now goes as far East as Saltash, I have also managed to make all of the buildings for Plymouth station recently, ready for when I finally reach Plymouth station. Over the Tamar bridge i have done the mile from the Tamar Bridge northwards up until the small bridge at Ernesettle, on the Tamar Valley Line.

Next I will be working on Plymouth, firstly working on the St Budeaux area.


Sat 09 Oct 10

Route Update 13
Alot of progress has happened in the last two and a half months since the last update.
The mainline now passes through Bodmin Parkway, Liskeard and as far east as Menheniot.
The Looe Branchline is also now complete.
The next destination is St Germans 5 miles east of Menheniot.

I have now also made a basic model of Truro Cathedral which towers above the city and can be seen from both viaducts in Truro.


Fri 16 Jul 10

Route Update 12
Quite a bit of progress has taken place in the past couple of months since the last update.

I have now completed the Newquay branch. And the mainline thorugh Par, Lostwithiel and Bodmin Parkway are now complete. The mainline now extends about one and a half miles east of Bodmin Parkway to the Pendalake Viaduct, which is the first of eight viaducts in the Glynn Valley which climb up the valley side and up to Doublebois, west of Liskeard.

The routes progress can now easily be tracked on the newly added progress map, which I update once a section between stations is complete. It also gives you visual idea of where the stations are, and the distance between them.


Sun 02 May 10

Route Update 11
Hi Everyone
Can't believe I haven't updated so far this year!

The route now goes as far west as Penzance, which is the end of the line, so now west of St Austell is all complete (I think), In the past couple of days I have been working on redoing Par and St Blazey now that Penzance is complete, once complete I will improve the gradients on the Newquay branch, then update gradients from Par to Lostwithiel.


Mon 01 Mar 10

Route Update 10/New Year
Route Update:

I have recently decided to update the gradients for the whole route, now that I have managed to find gradient profiles for the lines.

Here is a brief summary of how the entire route is progressing: The St Ives and Falmouth branches are now complete, and the mainline between St Erth and St Austell is also complete. St Austell - Saltash on the mainline, Newquay and Looe branchlines still need their gradients updating. The Devon side of the route (from the Royal Albert Bridge to Plymouth and the Gunnislake branch) still needs doing. Some areas of Plymouth have been started but need finishing.

I am concentrating on the St Erth - Penzance section at the moment including building custom content for it. Once this is done I will work from west to east on the gradients. Then the Devon side.

New Year: I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2010, and thank everyone for their support over the past 12 months, and for downloading my many pieces of custom content.
You can look forward to plenty more works of custom content from me in 2010.


Thu 31 Dec 09

Route Update 9
Alot of progress has happened since my last update. The Falmouth branchline is almost finished, and the mainline now goes as far west as Hayle, and I have also started creating the custom content for St Erth station.

So the mainline is now almost complete between Hayle and Saltash (Just some improvements need to made to the track gradients between Truro and Saltash, Semaphore signals need updating, and some improvements need to be made at Par and St Austell).
The Newquay branch is complete, the Falmouth branch needs some more work done at Falmouth, and the Looe branch needs a few trackside scenery improvements.


Mon 26 Oct 09

Route Update 8
Quite alot of progress has been to the route since the last update, the mainline now as far west as Pool, between Camborne and Redruth. The Falmouth branch goes also now goes down to Penmere.


Sat 22 Aug 09

Moved House
Hi everyone,
Sorry for the lack of updates, i have just moved house, and have been without the internet for about a month, but its back up now.

Not alot of progress has happened to the route as i need internet access to build it, but i have managed to finish Penryn, and am down to the northern end of Falmouth, using Google Earth images in the Cache.

Wed 08 Jul 09

Route Update 7
I am now down to Penryn on the Falmouth Branchline, and the new passing loop has been put in place. I have taken a break from the Falmouth branch recently, to work on the Newquay branch, which now goes up to Toldish, where the 1 mile of A39 Duel Carriageway goes under the railway, just before St Columb Road station. Goss Moor was tricky, but i managed to do it. The new Goss Moor Bypass which opened in 2007 is also included!


Fri 01 May 09

Route Update 6
I have now completed Truro, and the mainline heads as far west as Treliske (just outside truro), over the past couple of weeks i have been working on the Falmouth Branchline, which is now complete down to the Perran Tunnel, between Perranwell and Penryn stations, the line will also include the brand new passing loop at Penryn.


Thu 02 Apr 09

Route Update 5
Quite a bit of progress has happened since the last update, Saltash is now finished, the southern side of the lyner Estuary has also been finished. The St Budeaux suberb of Plymouth as well as both its stations are done, The Weston Mill area is coming along, and the Northern end of Devonport Dockyard has been started.
To The West the route has been extended passed the Polperrow and Buckshead Tunnels, and is now into Truro.


Fri 06 Mar 09

Route Update 4
I have completed updating the Doublebois to Lostwithiel section of my route, and have finished the southern side of the Lynher estuary, now i am working on Saltash, I have also updated buildings at Par, Lostwithiel and Bodmin Parkway.


Fri 20 Feb 09

Route Update 3
Since the last update the mainline has been extended West as far as Probus (between St Austell and Truro).
The Looe Valley Line has been updated, the station shelters were updated too.
Par to Lostwithiel, and Liskeard to Doublebois (Between Liskeard and Bodmin Parkway) have also been updated, this leaves Lostwithiel - Doublebois to be updated. Then i continue expanding the route from Probus, Saltash and Roche.


Fri 06 Feb 09

Route Update 2
Hope everyone had a great christmas.

I have done quite a bit of work since the last update. The newquay branchline now reaches Roche station. The mainline now goes from Saltash to St Austell, i have also completed the far end of St Austell too (western end). Saltash station has been built, but the town is still being built.
This brings the mainline to a total length of approx. 35 Miles.


Sat 27 Dec 08

Route Update
Sorry for the lack of updates recently.

A quick update on the progress of my Cornwall Route: I have finished the Par - St Germans section of mainline (25 Miles), The Looe Branchline is almost complete and the Newquay Branchline is complete up to Luxulyan.


Tue 25 Nov 08